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Training UK development has access to Ignition rm, we believe we can work well with partners and are happy to show what they can do, especially what we can do with them to make your requirements have the best solutions.


Ignition began in 1991 with two very clear goals.

One goal was to address an urgent need for organisations to tighten their risk management procedures to protect against risk, liability and prosecution. The other was to improve standard of driving and save lives.

Ignition's motor fleet risk advisors have now helped hundreds of organisations to achieve their fleet risk management objectives and the passion remains as great as ever to continue reducing risk and improving standards.

Switched on Fleet Risk Consultants

Ignition has been helping organisations improve their fleet risk management systems for almost two decades. We are the fleet risk consultants of choice for clients such as Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, Great British Mobility, the Priory Group and PDSA Vet Care Services.

Our Mission

We want to transform the way your business works with risk. We want to work with you to develop a risk aware culture that involves and includes everyone in the organisation.


We aim to become the UK's first choice for fleet risk consultancy and driver training.

We're already helping organisations keep their people, businesses and customers safe through fleet risk consultancy and driver training. Top insurers and intermediaries are already working with us to reduce their clients' on-road risk.

Our fleet risk consultants will help you implement risk management systems that comply with national and international standards including:


Ignition’s systems have been externally verified by, and registered with, the British Standards Institute to all the above standards: Accreditations

We only appoint top fleet risk consultants and trainers whose values are in line with our own. We train and develop our people to eanble them to achieve their highest potential, so they can better support you.

Our Risk Management Services will Protect Your Business.Here's How...

From initial consultancy to driver training and systems development, Ignition offers a full range of fleet risk management services.

Find out more which services are right for your organisation.

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Ignition: Switched on risk management.